Plumbing hardware technology

Air + water Two natural rain, this is nature's gift to all things. Yatai Sanitary Ware also has the wonderful experience of walking in the rain, let your body be fully relaxed, "Rain of hearts series" air injection shower, so you at home called the perfect combination of air and water.

I believe in daily life, leaks, jam should not bother you with the problem, the shower in the bathroom is like buttons on clothes, though not the most prominent "role", but it is so important, it is about us "Vital interests." If the toilet is compared to the toilet "heart" products, the shower is clearly our "lung", and purify the body, pleasure body and mind. Well, let us take a look at the latest generation of Asia Ceramic "heart and rain series" shower, there. What kind of unique charm it.

In order to meet the "heart rain series" air-jet shower market, Ya Tao Wei Valley metal shower will also be fully upgraded, the new shower will use a new design color box packaging, the perfect product with a unique packaging box, breaking the industry The traditional "modeling", unique "new image" gives a fresh feeling. Original shower air injection design principle. With exquisite packaging, I believe "Heart Rain series" will bring a new trend in the industry!