Date:2016-06-27     View:1032

Due to the unanimous decision made by the top management of Guangdong Yatao Technology Co., Ltd., the distributor of Zhengzhou Yatai Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. (located in No. 9-10, Erhsingxi, Baisha Sanitary Ware Wholesale Market, Zhengzhou City), the responsible persons: Sun Qiao 13598077958 and Zhang Zuzu 15890108957, Treaty, is withdrawing its qualifications ASAKA dealers, will no longer be our dealer units from now on.

As a distributor of Yatai sanitary wares, the original distributor of Yatai sanitary wares in Zhengzhou should have complied with the company rules and regulations and the obligation of commercial secrets of the conservative companies. However, for personal use, the distributors of Yatai Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. were exploited to produce counterfeit companies Yato Ya Tao "bathroom cabinets, metal ancillary products and other products. This act has seriously infringed the interests of the company and the brand rights, seriously affecting the company's brand image and seriously infringing the interests of consumers. The company will retain the right to pursue legal responsibilities.

现在此声明:原亚陶卫浴郑州经销商(位于郑州市白沙洁具批发市场二厅西9—10号。负责人:孙巧13598077958、张尊祖15890108957)不再为广东亚陶科技股份有限公司的品牌经销商。即日起其所发布的一些信息均与我司(广东亚陶科技股份有限公司)无关,销售的产品都非我司“Yato亚陶”品牌产品!请各位合作商及消费者知晓!同时公司宣布:位于郑州圃田康庄洁具批发中心3厅3排1-2号(负责人:阮孟军 15237100020)正式成为我司亚陶卫浴郑州经销商。