Toilet core technology

The surface of the original antibacterial crystal clean glaze technology, the surface of the sanitary ware to form a highly efficient antibacterial protective layer, antibacterial ions inhibit the killing of harmful bacteria.

Smooth finish and crystal cleaning ability are more than traditional products, eliminate the formation of bacteria and dirt accumulation, cleaning more convenient. 3.5 liters of water-saving toilets to lead the industry's flushing technology to achieve new breakthroughs in water-saving, no matter in water saving, momentum, flushing effects and other aspects can stand the most rigorous test.

The cross-sectional area of a 3-inch flush valve is 2.25 times the cross-sectional area of a conventional 2-inch flush valve, increasing the instant flush flow rate and ensuring super flush strength, resulting in more powerful and effective flushing.

Across the era of a new way of washing. Spurting a single column of water flow from the inside of the toilet, whirls down the well-designed interior walls of the toilet, enabling the water to achieve an extraordinary flush of force.

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